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Benefits associated with having a fast website are very real. Website speed optimization is not a subject to be taken lightly.

Why does it matter if a website takes 5 or more seconds to load? Why do we hate sites like these? Admit it, you dislike waiting and staring at your computer or mobile phone screen as a web page loads ever so slowly.

The answer lies in our desire for instant gratification. We’re living in a fastpaced world, and we want things to happen when we want them to happen! Of course, in many situations, instant gratification is impossible no matter how hard you will it to become possible. In the online world, however, we’re all spoiled for choices. We’ve got blazing-fast Internet connections at home, at work, and even while on the go.

When we type something on Google (or whatever your favorite search engine may be), we want answers right away. We expect information to magically appear right in front of us with just a single swipe or a single mouse click.

When we click on a link, and it takes more than a few seconds to load, we hit the back button so hard our fingers literally throb with pain. We go back to Google and click on another link until we find a website that loads instantly

If people leave before your site even loads, then you really can’t blame them now, can you? After all, you’re not the only website on the Internet. You’ve got tons of competition. Why should they bother waiting for you if they’ve got better and faster websites to check out?

What You’ll Learn
Introduction To Website Speed Optimization
The Internet and Instant Gratification
What A Slow Website Means For Your Business
The Benefits Of Having A Fast-Loading Website
Search Engines Wants Your Site To Be Faster
Google Gets What Google Wants
The Best Tools To Help You Configure Your Site
How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company
Speed Up Your Website Using A Caching Plugin
Web Caching and Content Delivery Networks
Best Caching Plugins For Your WordPress Website
Which Files To Reduce And How To Do It
What Are Unoptimized Files?
Print vs Optimizing Images For The Web
Some Other Files You Can Reduce Or Compress
Tapping Into Your Website Configuration File
Configuring .htaccess To Speed Up Your Site
Fast Track Your Speed Optimization With WordPress
Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated
Using A Fast Lightweight Theme
Optimizing Your WordPress Database
Breaking Comments Into Pages
Reducing The Number Of Post Revisions
And Much More!

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