The Lost Art of Being Present (Videos & eBook)

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Staying in the moment and making every moment count should be our default mode because it offers tremendous benefits.

In the modern world, rising bills, infidelity, betrayal, distrust, and other issues make it difficult for people to have sound minds. Many individuals are under pressure by the day to prove that they aren’t failures. This pressure can be positive when channeled in the right direction. However, when it isn’t properly managed, it can lead to various physical issues such as high blood pressure. Unhealthy comparison can also bring about negative emotions that can end up causing depression and other mental health issues for an individual.

Mental health issues include depression and anxiety, among others. In most cases, these problems are products of an unstable and disturbed mind. Anxieties are of different types, and they can be in the form of phobias, which are unreasonable fears about a certain situation. Still, they are all results of a mind that’s not at peace due to what might happen. Funny enough, some of the things anxious people fear might occur never take place…

Insight is the ability to see what others cannot see. It’s a beyond surface-level analytical prowess that gives an individual the ability to understand a phenomenon or concept in an unusually in-depth way. When you listen to a person that has insight into a matter, you’ll be impressed by their ability to delve into seemingly complicated issues with apt simplicity.

Note that insight is fueled by observational skills. Meanwhile, you cannot be at your best to observe anything when your mind is full of different, incoherent thoughts. You have to subdue your monkey mind to have a keen interest in a subject matter to analyze it accordingly. Staying in the moment helps you to prevent your mind from being in autopilot mode…

What You’ll Learn

  • Meaning of Mindfulness
  • Differences – Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Types of Mindfulness Movement
  • Factors That Enhances Mindfulness
  • Five Facts About Mindfulness
  • The Perks of Practicing Mindfulness
  • Stress Reduction & Enhanced Performance
  • Improved Insight and Enhanced Awareness
  • Increased Empathy & better Mental Health
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Relationships
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Basic Walking Mindfulness
  • Leveraging Words and Phrases
  • Sensory Walking Mindfulness
  • Body Scan Walking & Gratitude Walking
  • Observational Walking
  • How to sit for Mindfulness Practice
  • Bring Mindfulness to Your Exercise Routine
  • Pause and be Mindful of Your Purpose
  • Disconnecting from Digital Devices
  • Focusing on Your Body Sensation
  • Leveraging Your Breath as an Anchor
  • Trying Other Focal Points
  • Taking Advantage of Open Awareness
  • Strengthen Your Commitment & Appreciate
  • How to be More Present in Various Settings
  • Lessons from Scandinavian Nations
  • Mindfulness into Various Aspects of Life
  • Mindful Movement Practice for Sleep Pattern
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into Yoga
  • Leveraging the Four Contact Points
  • And Much More!

Some people will never realize the importance of the simple but foundational things in life until their health declines.

You need to be conscious of what is going around you wherever you find yourself. If not, you’ll miss out on many opportunities to create quality relationships with people. Usually, when we ask people how they are doing, they often say fine ceremoniously. In many situations, these people have things troubling them that they’ll only tell individuals that care enough to ask them sincerely.

This undivided attention is needed in your workplace, but especially in your home and when you are around your friends. If you are a parent, there’re times that your kids will have issues they’ll like to discuss but will only tell you if you are persistent. When you ask them once, they will feel that you don’t really care to know how they feel but was just asking for the sake of it. Practicing mindfulness enables you to be more vigilant to probe further when necessary.

Your friends and families want to know that you care about them. They don’t need you to just say it. They want to see you act it. Actions convey far more than what words can say. Once your consciousness of what is happening to the people around you improves, it’ll affect their trust and connection with you. When you ask them questions, they’ll be more willing to open up to you…

Get these 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll show you how you can experience the beauty of the present moment and unlock the keys to a happier, calmer and fulfilled self.

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